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Plants Are Life

Plants Nouveau has been introducing and marketing new plants for nearly two decades. We represent breeders from North America and around the world and have developed a large library of plants across a wide range of genera. We know a lot about plants and are not simply marketers, but plant geeks. We know them well. 


Flowering plants without woody stems that die back to the ground each winter, in most parts of the world. Perennials come back bigger and with more flowers each spring and last for many years. 


Bushes that may or may not produce flowers. Many are deciduous (meaning they will lose their leaves in the fall) unless it says they are evergreen. 


Taller plants with woody trunks. They can be evergreen or lose their leaves in the fall (deciduous). They are used in hedges, as focal points and specimens. 


Plants that come from the tropical regions of the world. They often have showy leaves or flowers. Many are annuals that can also be brought in and used as houseplants for the winter. Some are perennial and will die back to the ground each winter and come back the next spring. 


Annuals are plants that do not make it through a temperate winter. They often flower from spring to fall and are replaced and purchased new each spring.