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We Bring New Plants To Life

Welcome to Plants Nouveau!

Who are we & What do we do?

We are a company built & run by passionate plantswomen.
We help bring new garden plants from around the world to your local retailer. 

BY LICENSING: Growers from all over the world grow the plants we represent and pay a royalty to us, which is shared with the breeder. It’s like the music industry. Each time a song gets played, the musician gets paid a royalty. It’s the same system for plant breeders.

THROUGH MARKETING: On point, on-trend, and clever. We want our plants to stand out as something growers, designers, and even the inexperienced gardener desire. We engage consumers, designers, and growers to create demand.

HOW DOES IT WORK? We find the plants – or the plants find us. We cooperate with trial sites worldwide. Once the plant passes our evaluation process, we file for plant patents and plant breeder's rights to protect the inventor. Finally,  we license growers and collect royalties for the breeder.

Please Do Note: Plants Nouveau does NOT sell plants! We will do our best to help you find a source for our plants if they are not being carried at your local plant retailer. 

Come See What's New for 2022 and 2023

Each year we introduce a wide selection of annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees, and tropicals into the North American market.
These plants will be available in garden centers for your 2022 and 2023 gardening season.

Alocasia Masquerade™ Kuching Mask

Begonia Lunar Lights™ Dark Side of the Moon

Begonia Lunar Lights™ Harvest Moon

Begonia Lunar Lights™ Sterling Moon

Begonia Summer Storm

Camellia sasanqua October Magic® Crimson n' Clover

Cercis canadensis Zig Zag®

Colocasia Pharaohs Mask®

Colocasia Redemption™

Diervilla Firefly™

Geranium Magical® Joy

Helleborus orientalis Hygge™ Kristoff

Helleborus orientalis Hygge™ Sven

Hydrangea macrophylla Allure™

Hydrangea macrophylla Amazone™

Hydrangea macrophylla Cabaret™

Hydrangea macrophylla Chocolate™

Hydrangea macrophylla Elegance™

Hydrangea macrophylla Grin and Tonic™

Hydrangea macrophylla Kimono™

Hydrangea macrophylla Magical® Elizabeth Ashley™

Hydrangea macrophylla Magical® Verdigris

Hydrangea macrophylla Moulin Rouge™

Hydrangea macrophylla Seaside Serenade® Cape Lookout

Hydrangea macrophylla Seaside Serenade® Hatteras

Hydrangea macrophylla Seaside Serenade® Newport

Hydrangea macrophylla Starfield™

Hydrangea paniculata Magical® Lime Sparkle

Hydrangea paniculata Magical® Matterhorn

Hydrangea paniculata Magical® Ruby Snow

Hydrangea quercifolia Snowcicle

Hypericum inodorum FloralBerry™ Champagne

Hypericum inodorum FloralBerry™ Chardonnay

Hypericum inodorum FloralBerry™ Pinot

Hypericum inodorum FloralBerry™ Rosé

Hypericum inodorum FloralBerry™ Sangria

Malus Blushing Delight™

Malus Golden Treat™

Malus Tangy Green™

Malus Tasty Red™

Metasequoia glyptostroboides Soul Fire

Picea Spruce It Up™

Rosa Nitty Gritty® Peach

Rosa Nitty Gritty® Pink

Rosa Nitty Gritty® Red

Rosa Nitty Gritty® White

Rosa Nitty Gritty® Yellow

Rosa rugosa Seaside Swirl™ Blush

Rosa rugosa Seaside Swirl™ Pink

Rosa rugosa Seaside Swirl™ Red

Sorbaria Cherry on Top™

Spirea Spot On™

Stokesia Mega Mels

Stokesia Mini Mels

Symphoricarpos Pinky Promise™

Symphoricarpos Symphony™ Pink

Symphoricarpos Symphony™ White

Tilia Sweet Street™

New for 2022 We are happy to be introducing three Perfectly Purple new plants for 2022. These late-season flowering perennials will add so much fun and dimension to any sunny border, or mixed perennial bed. Full sun is where it is at for this purple-licious collection.
Looking for sources, images, copy, plant descriptions, or help with marketing pieces? We have lots of resources to help you write about, market, and sell our introductions. From downloadable high-resolution images, to picture tags, copy, and marketing pieces, we are here to help. We will also do our best to help you find sources for our plants. 
We license the most respected growers, propagation nurseries, and tissue culture laboratories across the world. We meet with them regularly to track the progress of our varieties, introduce them to new plants and marketing ideas, and ensure they are growing and delivering a quality product to consumers. 
To get maximum distribution and royalty revenues for the plants, we work with plant breeder agents all over the world to help get our plants into the hands of growers and consumers everywhere. If you are an International Plant Breeder's Agent in another country, and you would like to represent one of our plants, OR you have plants that you need help introducing to North America, Plants Nouveau can help.
We are always interested in discussing new plants. Have you bred, found, or discovered a novel, new plant? Knowing It can be a bit overwhelming and confusing to navigate the next steps and where to turn for help, Plants Nouveau is able and willing to guide you through the process.