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Fruit Snacks™


New for 2024 - Fruit Snacks™, Real fruit you can reach and eat.
Skinny apple trees that need minimal pruning.

It all started with an apple, but that certainly isn’t where the Fruit Snacks™ line ends.

Everyone is trying to eat healthy. These perfectly upright, dwarf & skinny apple trees make it easier for consumers to pick delicious homegrown snacks right from their backyard.  

You must plant two different apple trees to get fruits. The bees will do the rest. 

Fruit Snacks™ are perfect for small spaces; they make lovely hedges and will grow perfectly in pots. Everyone can grow some Fruit Snacks™. No harsh chemicals are required because the Fruit Snacks™ line was bred by the best apple breeders in Europe to be scab-resistant and virus-free.

This new line of super tasty apples came from commercial apple breeders who breed for the highest yield, healthiest plants, and tastiest fruits. The apples we added to the Fruit Snacks™ line happened to be shorter and skinnier than most of their seedlings, so they did not meet the demand of high-yielding commercial apple orchards. Lucky for us, they did not discard these plants and we were able to make a series of dwarf, columnar apple trees that are perfect for smaller spaces and modern gardens. These trees produce ample fruit for any family to enjoy all season.  

Apples are just the beginning. Different fruits will be added in the future. 

Did you know apple trees have beautiful flowers? Beautiful flowers to feed the bees in the spring and delicious fruits in the fall. 

Anyone can grow Fruit Snacks™. Everyone should!