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Magical® Hydrangeas & Plants

Magical® Hydrangeas are bred by Kolster B.V. in the Netherlands and Horteve Breeding in France. Together, they share years of experience breeding strong, beautiful, time and resource-saving hydrangeas for the garden, pot culture (gift plants), and the cut flower market. Their hydrangeas are sold all over the world. They are famous for their long-lasting flowers with Everlasting® colors held high on strong stems. Not only are the Magical hydrangeas beautiful, but they also save growers and gardeners time and resources. Magical hydrangeas require less water, no staking, and fewer chemicals to control their size (PGR's).

Magical® Plants encompass a collection of plants bred for better garden performance and grower ease. This collection comes from breeders all over the world. They are trialed and tested under stringent conditions and must meet all requirements that maximize grower and consumer success.