Press Release for 2011 Ohio Short Course New Varieties

Plants Nouveau shows off 29 New Introductions at the OFA Short Course !

For Immediate Release:

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Plants Nouveau, LLC. has many wonderful, innovative, new plant introductions in store for 2012.  We will proudly display plants and information about 29 new introductions in our booth and in the new variteies display area during upcoming industry shows.

New additions are:

The Everlasting™ Series of Hydrangea:

Our new, hardy, gift -to-garden hydrangeas that are just as happy growing as a holiday crop in the greenhouse as they are outside in a zone 5 garden.

Gardeners will love the mop heads of the Everlasting™ Series with their variety of colors, handsome foliage, and sturdy habits. Each stem is a bouquet, and even a young plant makes a show worthy of a Mother’s Day bouquet. Be sure to create a display of Everlasting hydrangeas as a gift, or perhaps in a planter ready to adorn the doorstep. On the other hand, one stem in a pretty vase at checkout will send customers back to the nursery wanting more.

These hydrangeas got their start as strong-stemmed cut flowers, but they have proven to be outstanding plants overall and garden hardy. Bred by the brilliant breeding team at Kolster BV, in The Netherlands, Everlasting™ Amethyst, Coral, Garnet, Harmony and Ocean combine the bold blooms of cut flowers with the long lasting qualities of a gift item and the hardiness of a shade-loving garden plant all in one. This is an extremely versatile series that honestly goes from gift to garden.  Shiny, dark green foliage complements the flowers and makes a lovely foil for all other plants.  Each selection is breathtaking while flowering in the spring, and all dry to lovely shades, whether you cut the blooms for enjoyment inside or leave them to dry naturally on the plants in the garden.

The Everlasting™ Series of Hypericum:

Hypericum has risen to the list of the top 50 cut flowers in the world, making it the most successful berry-producing shrub ever used in flower arranging. With the introduction of the Everlasting™ Series, bred by the talented breeders from Kolster B.V. in The Netherlands, we would like to introduce you to 6 new hypericum; White, Pumpkin, Green, Glory, Beauty and Black,  bred exclusively for the cut flower industry that can now be enjoyed in your home and garden! We guarantee beautifully colored fruits on perfectly branched plants, whether it’s in the garden, as a lovely addition to any floral bouquet, or a brightly colored accent on your doorstep in the fall.

Many of our new selections are break-through colors that will fill your fall garden with interest and your floral arrangements with large, shiny long-lasting fruits! Single plants of this series make lovely specimens. You can also plant them in drifts where they will dazzle you with their compact habits, hardiness and traffic stopping fruits. The Everlasting Series is super rust resistant, and all selections must meet the same cultural requirements to be included.

The Tropi-cools™ Series of Zone 6 Hardy Tropicals:

A tropical look is much easier to achieve in northern climes because these beauties over winter in gardens as cold as zone 6. All part of the Tropi-cool Series, these new selections have proven themselves to be perennial, even where the soil freezes.

Tropi-cools will please gardeners everywhere with their bold color and easy to handle sizes. Check out the beautiful, lush, tropical foliage of; Colocasia ‘Bikini-tini’ with it’s cup shaped leaves, Colocasia ‘Madiera’ with it’s cocoa colored foliage and non-running habit, Colocasia ‘Sangria’ with it’s rhubarb-red stems and velvety foliage , and Musa ‘Mekong Giant’, which grows to 15′ tall in zone 6 gardens and comes back year after year!

Then there’s the Punch Series of Cannas:

We proudly introduce two long blooming, compact cannas for your enjoyment. With these new selections, we’d like to take you back to the 1950’s when life was less complicated and families spent weekends and holidays in their garden, entertaining family and friends, eating good, wholesome food and drinking homemade, thirst quenching summer punches from a punch bowl.

Selected by tropical breeding magician Brian Williams, these new cannas add the perfect Punch of color to any planting or container combination, giving you a truly tropical feel on a much smaller scale with super saturated, all summer color. Plant these new selections and enjoy a Punch of cannas so colorful, you’ll be forced to sit back, relax and enjoy a lovely tropical beverage while gazing into your garden.

Check out the brilliant colors of  Maui Punch, one of the few virus negative cannas on the market and Lemon Punch with it’s clear, yellow blooms.

Wait, there’s more….we have four new additions to the Cone-fections series of double flowered echinaceas from Arie Blom at AB Cultivars in The Netherlands:

Introducing  Echinacea ‘Guava Ice’, with it’s snow cone like, guava juice colored blooms on a strong sturdy plant, ‘Southern Belle’ with her deep magenta blooms resembling a frilly party dress,  ‘Raspberry Truffle’, with it’s chocolate stems and truly delicious, salmon colored blooms, and lastly a twin to the ever-popular ‘Pink Double Delight, but in white – ‘White Double Delight’.

We have more,but we don’t want to go on braggin’ , so come see our new logo, new corporate colors, our new line of Garden Candy perennials that includes such scrumptiously named perennials as Coral Creme Drop garden phlox, and many others.  In honor of our Garden Candy theme, we’ll be giving away fun, cleverly colored lollies to everyone who visits a booth this summer.

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