Viburnum carlesii Sugar n’ Spice®

Lots of small flowers cover the plant.

Common Name Sugar 'n Spice Korean spice bush
Botanical Name Viburnum carlesii ‘Select S’ Sugar n’ Spice®
Size 4-6' tall by 4-6' wide
USDA hardiness Zones 5-9
Sun / Shade Full sun (6 hours) to partial shade
Soil Average garden soil
Moisture Moist, but well drained
Disease and Pests Occasional scale
Landscape use Foundations, borders , mixed plantings, naturalized gardens, specimens, urban gardens
Market appeal / Uniqueness An abundance of lovely pink buds open to clusters of white flowers, filling your outdoor space with a stimulating, spicy-sweet fragrance in spring. Brilliant autumn foliage sets Sugar n’ Spice ablaze in the fall.
Propagation Methods Vegetative softwood cuttings
Bloom Time Mid-spring

Angela and Linda’s Garden Notes:

This viburnum has really stepped up its game! So what makes Sugar n’ Spice™ so special? A standard sized Korean Spicebush, with a super-sized flower display! In mid-spring the plant is dotted with lovely pink buds that open to clusters of white, spicy-sweet flowers. Smaller than average, these flowers are much more abundant throughout the body of the plant. An in-your-face variety, at nose level, this viburnum will fill your senses with tantalizing fragrance. Plant along a path or close to your outdoor living area. Extending the season, late fall brings an unforgettable display of maroon and red autumn foliage. With few exceptions, no other shrubs offers as much to the garden as Sugar n’ Spice™.