Tiarella cordifolia 'Stephanie Cohen' PPAF

An extremely drought tolerant clumper with glossy foliage and pink buds.

Size 6-8″ tall by 18-24″ wide
USDA hardiness Zones 4(3)-9
Sun / Shade full to part shade
Soil average garden soil
Moisture would love to have moist, organic soil, but also grows well in dry soil with lots of rot competition.
Disease and Pests none known
Landscape use dry to moist shade, shady slopes, stream banks, shade containers, shade hanging baskets.
Market appeal / Uniqueness Stephanie is a tight little bun of a plant with far reaching, glossy leaves and deep pink buds that age to creamy white blossoms
Propagation Methods tissue culture, vegetative cuttings
Bloom Time April to June

Angela and Linda’s Garden Notes:

Introducing the Diva-rellas!

A new line of clumping, heat tolerant; Baltimore, Wilmington, Washington, D.C.and Philadelphia (and anywhere else) humidity tolerant line of truly NATIVE Tiarellas (foamflowers). Giving each homeowner a little piece of easy ecology for their backyard. Foamflowers are food for honey bees, they preserve water because they are drought tolerant – especially if they are bred with only East Coast native species, and they control erosion on hard to landscape areas. And let’s not forget their bounty of blooms in early Spring, followed by handsome foliage all summer long and often fiery-red or golden-amber winter colors.

One of my favorites in this series is Tiarella cordifolia ‘Stephanie Cohen’

Named after our good friend and my personal “unpaid “agent”, The Perennial Diva, Stephanie Cohen, this new clumping foam flower certainly is a Diva.  It speaks loudly in the spring landscape announcing it’s presence with hundreds of deep pink buds and glossy, deep grass green foliage.  This plant takes extreme heat and drought.  It will wilt and fall completely to the ground and then be revived in hours with a drink of the hose.  How manty foam flowers can handle that much stress.  She gets it honestly, from our tightly wound, incredibly talented dive, and very good friend Stephani is an industry powerhouse.  She always speaks her mind, is quick to compliment and just as quick to let someone know when she thinks someone or any plant has been treated unfairly.

This new selection is as happy under a pink oak as it is in a moist, humus-laden garden.Pink buds unfurl to reveal creamy pink blooms and then when the new leaves come, they shine from afar with their glossy sheen.  this is one foam flower anyone can grow.  It’s even happy in a container.