Salvia Love and Wishes™

Deep purple flowers - a hummingbird magnet

Common Name Love and Wishes Salvia
Botanical Name Salvia 'Ser-Wish' PPAF
Size 24-30" tall by 24-30" tall
USDA hardiness Zones 8-10
Sun / Shade Full sun
Soil Average garden soil
Moisture Moist, but well drained
Disease and Pests None known
Landscape use Borders, Containers, Cutting Gardens, Mass Plantings, Urban Spaces
Market appeal / Uniqueness Deep maroon stalks hold many deep purple tubular flowers that bloom and last all summer long and into the fall. Love and Wishes is the perfect, easy-to-grow plant for new gardeners.
Propagation Methods Vegetative cuttings
Bloom Time summer

Angela and Linda’s Garden Notes:

For Gardeners

Keep it in a pot:

This amazingly beautiful selection from our good friends at PMA(Plants Management Australia) in Australia blooms the entire summer. Use it in a porch or patio pot on your deck or patio for stunning all summer color. Cut the fading flower stalks off whenever you see one and another will grow in a few days. The tubular flowers are capped with a colorful deep purple calyx which remains some time after flowering extending interest even longer. This is a blooming machine that will keep your outdoor space in color all summer long, and don’t be surprised when both hummingbirds and hummingbird moths visit daily.

Plant it in the ground:

Plant a swath of these in a large flower bed or use it as an accent color in s smaller spot, Love and Wishes will not disappoint.You can also place a pot of Love and Wishes in your garden where you have a late summer hole for added color. It will bloom all summer and never be without color, especially if you snip off the spent flowers – more will come…continually. This is one beautiful plant that will stop traffic and have all of your guests asking where you bought it.

Proceeds from the royalties collected on this plant go to support the Make-A-Wish foundation in Australia.