Rhus aromatica Lacette™

Perfect for a living hedge

Common Name Lacette fragrant sumac
Botanical Name Rhus aromatica ‘Fine Textured Compact Select A’ PPAF Lacette™
Size 3-4.5' tall by 6-7' wide
USDA hardiness Zones 3-8
Sun / Shade Full sun
Soil Average garden soil, but is tolerant of moist soils with the exception of poorly drained clay
Moisture Moist, but well drained
Disease and Pests None known
Landscape use Informal hedges, embankments, hard to cover areas; tough, urban spots such as parking lots, native plant gardens
Market appeal / Uniqueness Fine textured leaves, beautiful fall color, and a mounding habit add a graceful elegance to difficult landscape sites and home gardens.
Propagation Methods Vegetative softwood cuttings
Bloom Time Spring

Angela and Linda’s Garden Notes:

We’re excited for the opportunity to tell you about this new Fragrant Sumac! Compact growing, yet more refined than ‘Gro Low’, which is the market standard, Lacette adds a graceful elegance to difficult landscape sites. Lacy in appearance, but denser in habit, its small leaves are aromatic when crushed and half the size of others in commerce. But that doesn’t detract from its toughness! Tolerant of a wide array of soils, Lacette thrives in full sun on sloping hillsides, urban parking lots and is lovely in informal landscapes. It is native the eastern U.S. and attracts various species of birds and butterflies.  With a free-branching habit, it seldom needs pruning – developing tight little mounds that remain tidy if sheared occasionally. With the use of living hedges becoming more popular, Lacette is the perfect candidate to use in tough, sunny sites.

As summer starts to fade, lush green leaves turn vibrant shades of red, wrapping up the fall season with a bang.

For Growers

  • This plant roots at a higher percentage and more consistently than ‘Gro-Low’
  • Requires less shearing in production
  • Resulting in less dollar inputs per units sold