Rhododendron ‘Rhodunter#48’ Scent-Sational™White PP#15,967

Fragrant, white hedge rhododendron

Common Name Scent-Sational White rhododendron
Size 6-7' tall b y 6-8' wide
USDA hardiness Zones 5b-7
Sun / Shade Part sun-prefers afternoon shade
Soil Average to rich garden soil
Moisture Moist, but well-drained
Disease and Pests None known
Landscape use Hedging, screens, specimens
Market appeal / Uniqueness Pastel pink buds burst into large, white flower trusses with lemon throats, and a sweet fragrance, just in time to celebrate spring.
Propagation Methods tissue culture and soft wood cuttings
Bloom Time May-June

Angela and Linda’s Garden Notes:

The Inkarhos®

As much as we appreciate the role that Rhododendron play in the landscape, with their bold, evergreen texture and big, billowy flowers, we’re often disappointed in their performance: sensitive root systems are susceptible to heavy soils and high pH, too much water leads to disease, which leads to die-back…you know the story.

What if we told you that we’ve found a solution?

Inkarho® Rhododendrons are the newest generation in a long line of superior breeding. They are more robust, and suitable for a wide range of soil types. Even heavy clay and loamy soils will reap the rewards of these garden sensations. After 25 years of testing over 1 million seedlings, we can reliably offer pH neutral plants that are tolerant of acid and lime soils alike.

Scent-Sational™ White  has pastel pink buds that burst into large, white flower trusses with lemon throats, just in time to celebrate spring.

What do these Rhododendrons have that others are missing?

Fragrance! Yes, sweetly scented, billowy blossoms set the Scent-Sational™ Series in a category all their own.  And, as Inkarhos® they offer a stronger root system, making them tolerant of most soil types. So for many, this will be the first time ever that you’ll be able to grow Rhododendron: Definitely worth the wait! We like to think it’s like buying a plant with an insurance policy: strong roots equal healthier plants in average garden soils.