Monarda Bee-You™ ‘Bee-Happy’ PPAF

Size 15-18" tall by 12-15" wide
USDA hardiness Zones 5(4)-9
Sun / Shade Full sun
Soil Average garden soil
Moisture Moist, but well-drained
Disease and Pests Resistant to mildew
Landscape use Borders, containers, cutting gardens, foundations, urban gardens
Market appeal / Uniqueness If you love deep red flowers, you will love this new bee balm. It's the perfect size and the perfect plant for summer borders.
Propagation Methods Cuttings
Bloom Time Summer

Angela and Linda’s Garden Notes:

Bee-You™ Series of Monardas

Bees love them. Growers love them. These new bee balms are mildew free, covered in flowers, the perfect size and available in colors to bring any outdoor space to life. Brought to us by AB-Cultivars, the Bee-You series is impressing bee balm lovers all over the globe. Bees, butterflies and hummingbirds can’t resist their sweet nectar and fragrance. Many selections have deep maroon or purple bracts that make the flower colors appear even deeper and more enticing. Attract much needed pollinators and feed your soul with these beautiful, contained, carefree bee balms.

Imagine a well-behaved, compact, more saturated vermillion red version of Jacob Cline and you have Bee-Happy. This beauty looks great in combination with chartreuse leaved grasses and annuals, pale blue salvias and nepetas like ‘Summer Magic’, and yellow flowers like daylilies, and fits perfectly into pots or planted in any sunny outdoor space.