Malus mill 'Uebo' PP#15559 April Showers™ Crabapple

Common Name: Weeping Crabapple

Size 4’ above the graft
USDA hardiness Zones 4-8
Sun / Shade Full sun
Moisture Moist, well-drained soils

Angela and Linda’s Garden Notes:

Weeping trees lend an elegant silhouette against the winter landscape with their exposed branches of intricate design. Slow growing, and suitable for smaller garden spaces, the graceful, cascading effect of April Showers™ will soften your design and provide a season-by-season display of beauty. In spring, buds swell to garlands of pure white flowers. As the flowers fall, dark-green, narrow foliage covers the delicate limbs. And then, as the days of autumn bring crispness to the air, bright, carmine-red fruits hang like tiny apples from its branches. As winter approaches, the elegant silhouette presents itself again.

• Profusion of white flowers
• Delicate, weeping branches
• Bright red fruits in fall