Lavendula stoechas The Princess ™PP 25,525

A vibrant pink lavender

Common Name The Princess lavender
Botanical Name Lavandula stoechas 'IBPR901-2'
Size 12-15" tall by 12-15" wide
USDA hardiness Zones 7-9
Sun / Shade Full sun
Soil Average garden soil
Moisture Moist, but well-drained
Disease and Pests None Known
Landscape use Borders, containers, foundations, mass plantings, urban gardens
Market appeal / Uniqueness Selected for its intense flower color, naturally compact habit, and long season of bloom, this new lavender is covered in flowers.
Propagation Methods Vegetative cuttings
Bloom Time Summer

Angela and Linda’s Garden Notes:

From our partnership with Plants Management Australia, we bring you this beautiful, vibrant pink lavender. The Princess was bred in Australia and has blooms in the most intense shade of pink found on the market. Plants are early flowering and have a beautifully pungent lavender fragrance. Selected for the intense flower color and long season of bloom, this new plant is compact, neat and covered in flowers, and does not require pinching by the grower. The highly aromatic gray foliage is the perfect foil for the pink blossoms. Plant her in the garden, in pots or use her as a hedge and she will not disappoint.  Dry her flowers to use in cooking and baking or to mask the pungent fragrance of an old sock drawer.  There are so many healthful uses for lavender, besides the beauty and fragrance each plant provides in your garden.