Hydrangea Tilt-A-Swirl™

Red and green flowers

Common Name Tilt-A-Swirl hydrangea
Botanical Name Hydrangea 'Qufu' Tilt-A-Swirl™ PP 26426
Size 3-4' tall by 3'4' wide
USDA hardiness Zones 5-9
Sun / Shade Part sun, prefers afternoon shade
Soil Average garden soil
Moisture Moist, but well drained
Disease and Pests None known
Landscape use Containers, cutting gardens, gift plants, foundations, front or middle of the border, urban gardens
Market appeal / Uniqueness Swirly red and green flowers cover this perfect garden and container plant for months and then age to deep maroon and apple green until a hard frost.
Propagation Methods Vegetative softwood cuttings
Bloom Time May-August on new and old wood

Angela and Linda’s Garden Notes:

Every once in a while a new plant comes along that you know is going to make it big. A variety that in spite of all the others on the market, is able to stand on its own and gain popularity simply because it’s that good.  That’s what we think will happen with Tilt-ASwirl.  Rosey-red, lacy flowers open with green centers and continue to transition into new color variations for months. Enjoy the ride with this new addition to the Bloomin’ Easy collection sold exclusively through Van Belle Nursery.