Helleborus xnigercor Winter Magic™ ‘Snow Love’ PP 19559

The perfect evergreen, deer proof perennial for dry shade

Common Name Snow Love lenten rose
Size 12-15" tall by 15-18" wide
USDA hardiness Zones 3-9
Sun / Shade Part sun/full shade
Soil Average garden soil
Moisture Well drained
Disease and Pests None known.
Landscape use Foundation plantings, mass plantings, commercial landscapes, front or middle of the border, urban gardens, containers, shade gardens
Market appeal / Uniqueness Snow Love graces the early spring landscape with its creamy white to yellow blooms. As the blooms mature, they develop a celadon green patina and remain attractive on the plant well into spring.
Propagation Methods tissue culture
Bloom Time December to March

Angela and Linda’s Garden Notes:

From the breeding brilliance of Belgian hellebore expert, Thierry van Paemel comes the Winter ™  Series.  These superior, incredibly floriferous selections make wonderful pot plants and permanent, deer proof, drought tolerant additions to any shady spot.  All selections are sturdy and vigorous with leathery evergreen leaves covered in a veil of beautiful  powder-grey.  Big, outfacing blooms are held well above the foliage, developing a greenish tinge as they mature.  Blooming will begin in the winter months in mild regions and last well into the warmer days of spring.

One of the great harbingers of spring, Snow Love’s vigorous clumps continue to increase and become more floriferous every year making this the perfect evergreen, deer proof perennial for dry shade.

For Growers

The best temperature to keep the hellebores from blooming in the fall in production greenhouses or tunnels is between 60 and 70 degrees F.  If they should bloom to early you always can cut off the flowers. This is very unusual – plants also can start to flower to early when they have a stress situation like too much or insufficient fertilizer.

The best temperature for flowering is between 40 and 50 degrees F.