Forsythia x intermedia ‘Kolgold’ Magical®Gold

A forsythia that blooms on new wood!!!

Common Name Magical Gold Forsythia
Size 3-4' tall by 3-4' wide
USDA hardiness Zones 5-8
Sun / Shade Full sun
Soil Average to poor garden soil
Moisture Moist, but well-drained
Disease and Pests None known
Landscape use Foundations, hedges, specimens, naturalistic plantings, commercial landscapes, cutting gardens
Market appeal / Uniqueness This is the first forsythia to hit the market that blooms on both new and old wood. Imagine not having to worry if you cut your plants back too late in the season. Imagine never again having to wonder if there will be blooms. Perfect, iconic golden yellow blooms on long, straight stems that are wonderful for cutting and bringing indoors.
Propagation Methods Vegetative cuttings
Bloom Time April-May and then June-July

Angela and Linda’s Garden Notes:

Deep golden yellow blooms will always come on this new forsythia because it blooms on both old and new wood.  It’s a gardener’s dream. The perfect, carefree, super-hardy landscape plant just got a whole lot better because you’ll never have to worry about cutting it back too late in the season.  If you cut it back too late, it’ll bloom on the next year’s wood and be a little later, but no worries about not having blooms.

How many times have you driven past a carefully pruned plant in spring – only to see no flowers?  That will never happen again with Magical Gold.  It doesn’t mater when you prune it – you will always have flowers – where ever you live.  You can’t go wrong.  Long, sturdy, architectural stems with golden blooms are harbingers of spring! The stems are sturdy and compact, yet covered with blooms from top to bottom. Spring bouquets can last even longer with this new, improved selection.