Exochorda Magical® Snow Drops

Common Name Magical snow drops pearl bush
Botanical Name Exochorda Magical® Snow Drops
Size 3-4' tall by 3-4' wide
USDA hardiness Zones 4-9
Sun / Shade Full sun to part shade
Soil Average garden soil
Moisture Moist, but well drained
Disease and Pests None known
Landscape use Cutting gardens, mixed plantings, naturalized woodland areas
Market appeal / Uniqueness A compact form perfect for mixed borders, white flowers bloom from the soil line to the tips of every stem on this spring-blooming beauty
Propagation Methods vegetative softwood cuttings
Bloom Time spring

Angela and Linda’s Garden Notes:

Spring is often synonymous with flowering shrubs and this compact Pearl Bush promises a reliable flower display from one year to the next. In late spring, white flower buds swell from the soil line to the tips of every branch – opening to bright, cup-shaped flowers that continue blooming for 3-4 weeks. Perfect for mixed borders, Snowdrops has a compact form and is tolerant of extremes such as cold, heat and drought. In the fall, leaves turn to soft shades of yellow and orange as in celebration of the season.