Echinacea ‘Innocent Meadow Mama’ PPAF

Pure white petals and a golden cone.

Common Name Innocent Meadow Mama coneflower
Size 20-24" tall by 18-24" wide
USDA hardiness Zones 5(4) - 9
Sun / Shade Full sun
Soil Average garden soil
Moisture Moist, but well-drained
Disease and Pests None known
Landscape use Borders, containers, cutting gardens, foundations, mass plantings, urban gardens
Market appeal / Uniqueness Super floriferous and really strong, this white coneflower can't be beat.
Propagation Methods Tissue culture
Bloom Time Summer

Angela and Linda’s Garden Notes:

About The Meadow Mama Series:

Bright colors and loads of pollinator enticing flowers are what you can expect from this new series of coneflowers from AB-Cultivars in The Netherlands. Perfect for adding to mixed flower beds around your house, or in front of a fence, or planted in large quantities surrounding an office building, their flower power will amaze and delight you all summer long. These fabulous new, single-petaled coneflowers come in saturated colors and even interesting bi-color combinations, making a complete series of strong, nurturing ladies for any garden space – small or large. Not only are the Meadow Mamas perfect for any sunny garden, but they also look beautiful in any patio or porch pot. You can even plant them in a mixed pot with other flowers and even herbs that you use for cooking.

About Innocent Meadow Mama

Pure white, perfectly flat petals surround a golden yellow cone atop grass green leaves on a strong, and sturdy plant. This is not your average white coneflower. Each plant is completely covered with flowers, standing tall in the middle of the garden border or in a mass planting like a beacon of hope and peace.