All About Linda Guy

Linda Guy

_DSC9498Partner and Co-Plantweenie

Plants Nouveau couldn’t be happier now that we are partnering with new plant pioneer Linda Guy.  Linda’s strengths are developing relationships with breeders, testing and trialing new plant material from around the world and positioning those new plants for maximized revenue. Linda’s passion and enthusiasm doesn’t end there.  She is widely respected in the industry for her botanical expertise and her enthusiasm for gardeners everywhere.

Linda Guy began her horticulture career in Mobile, Alabama where she managed Magnolia Nursery; a small nursery with an extensive plant assortment. This is where she developed her love for the native flora of the Deep South. Linda’s love for the plants afforded her the opportunity to submerse herself in the many rare plants that covered Magnolia’s 40 acre collection garden.

In 1997 she moved to Charleston, S. C.,  married her husband J.  and worked as the Director of New Product Development for Carolina Nurseries, formerly one of the largest, most innovative nurseries in south eastern U.S.

In 2003, she and her husband formed Novalis; a consortium of growers, who cleverly and successfully  marketed hundreds of new plants to independent garden centers under the Plants that Work® brand.

As the managing director and official corporate plant hunter for Novalis, Linda traveled extensively throughout the United States and the world, working with plant breeders and collectors to procure new genetics for the Plants that Work® program.


Linda has climbed mountains in the far reaches of China, schlepped through the deserts of Argentina and southwestern parts of the US.  She’s also searched for new varieties in Korea.

Linda recently moved to Mobile, AL with her husband J Guy, so she can be closer to her children and a lot of our southern growers.  She and J are embarking on a totally new garden and can’t wait to get planting soon.

She has three grown children and she’s the one of the hippest grandmothers you’ll ever meet.  She treasures any time she can get with her two granddaughters and four grandsons.  Linda also has two adorable pooches who live in relative harmony with her massive, yet geeky plant collections.  Raleigh, a 110 pound boxer and Dahlia, a smaller German shepherd mix obey the garden rules and respect the spines on her ever growing dyckia and agave collection.  Her collection of plants is the envy of gardeners and horticulturists all over the U.S.

Linda brings peace to any situation.  She’s the yin to her partner Angela’s crazy world and when you are with her…all is right with the world.

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