Symphoricarpos Magical®Mandy

Blueberry sized, pearly pink fruits on long stems.

Common Name Magical Mandy coralberry
Sun / Shade Full Sun
USDA hardiness Zones 4-8
Soil/pH neutral to acidic
Crop Spacing 3' by 3'
Disease and Pests None known
Flower Color pink
Flower Size small
Bloom Time May-June
Fruit Color Pearly pink
Fruit Size large
Fruiting Time August -October
Branching Habit well branched, but long branches

Angela & Linda’s Garden Notes:

Blueberry sized, pearly pink fruits on long, well-branched stems make this the perfect cut fruit for late August weddings. Mandy is white blushed with pink and will become more pink as the nights get cooler in early fall.  Not many fruits come in blushing pink, so if your blushing bride isn’t so pink, but wants a hint of color, this snowberry may be the perfect fit.