Exochorda ‘Kolmaspirit’ Magical® Springtime

Blooms from bottom to top!

Common Name Magical® Springtime Pearlbush
Sun / Shade Full sun
USDA hardiness Zones 4-9
Soil/pH Average garden soil
Crop Spacing 4' by 4'
Disease and Pests None known
Flower Color Pure White
Flower Size average to large
Stem Length 4'
Bloom Time spring
Branching Habit upright and bushy

Angela & Linda’s Garden Notes:

In the garden, spring is often synonymous with flowering shrubs, and with so much competition for performance, Exochordas are often overlooked. Perhaps that’s because the plants can be tall and unruly, and to be successful with these plants, one has to understand the secret to pruning. For you see, Exochordas bloom on the previous year’s growth – so pruning too early will cut off the blooms, and pruning too late won’t allow enough time to set new flower buds.

Well let me tell you, Magical® Springtime is NOT your ordinary Pearl Bush! In late spring, white flower buds swell from the soil line to the tips of every branch, regardless of how it was pruned – because this beauty blooms on the current year’s growth, promising a reliable flower display year after year. And this is NO unruly specimen either. It forms an impeccable vase-shape, standing 5’ tall with perfectly straight stems for cutting! Blooming on new and old wood, this exochorda forgives even the latest fall pruning. With pure white flowers from the tip of the branches to the base of the plant, this springtime beauty will put on a magical snow white show. And if that’s not convincing enough for you to add it to your cut flower mix, the stems are easily forced for out-of-season flowers!