Ton Hannink

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Clematis collector, turned breeder

Ton studied Organic chemistry and spent his career as a scientist in the Pharmaceutical industry. During his career, he spent 13 years researching and developing new medicines for Schizophrenia.

Ton has been retired for six years now, but even before his retirement, he used horticulture as a stress reliever for his rather stressful job. After a stressful day at work, Ton would find solace working in his garden. Gardening was addictive, as we all know, so he tried to get the rarest, most exotic plants for his garden in the southwest corner of the Netherlands. He also liked very much to read about growing plants – especially rare plants.

Ton took a liking to clematis and read that it was very difficult to grow them from seed. This was his challenge. He took seeds off of his ‘Hagley Hybrid’ and was so excited to get clematis, plants nouveau,. new plants, ton hannink30 of the seeds to germinate.

From this point on, he was hooked. He attending meetings about clematis and started connecting with other clematis lovers throughout the world to gather one of the largest collections of rare, species clematis in the world. Today, his collection is housed in a special climate controlled greenhouse.

Ton was the president of the International Clematis Society and the Exotic Plants Society of the Netherlands. He gives lectures all over the world about clematis and camellias and writes articles for plant journals too.

Ton’s creative breeding lines go back to rare species, collected in the mountainous regions of many Asian countries. His goal is wilt resistance and he has achieved that in all of his selections. Other goals are fragrance and unusual flower shapes.

We are proud and sop excited to be working with ton and his breeding and to be able to introduce his new, wilt resistant selections to the world.

Ton’s Plants:

Clematis ‘Vitiwester’ Burning Love™

Clematis ‘Scented Clem’ Sugar-Sweet Blue™

Clematis ‘Delightful Scent’ Sugar-Sweet Lilac™