The Primrose Path

Charles and Martha Oliver are the owners and breeders.

The Primrose Path has introduced many new plants in the last 25 years. The owner, Charles Oliver, received the Marcel LePiniec Award for new plant introductions from the North American Rock Garden Society in 1998. They are located in southwestern Pennsylvania, a region that combines extremes of heat and cold with unreliable summer rainfall and winter snow. New plant introductions from Charles and Martha have had to cope with northeastern winters and summers. Our customers report superior survival of potted plants of our selected varieties wintered outside.

Introductions form the Primrose Path include:

Heuchera ‘Dark Chocolate’

Heuchera ‘Stainless Steel’

In Print

The Olivers have  published Heuchera, Tiarella, and Heucherella: A Gardener’s Guide (Batsford, 2006), a book aimed at the sophisticated gardener on the history and genetics of breeding these particular genera, the modern hybrids and how to use them in the garden and in combinations. For more information, visit