Sinclair A. Adam, Jr

Sinclair A. Adam

Plants Nouveau is proud to represent Sinclair A. Adam, Jr. famed plants-man and founder of Dunvegan Nursery, in the exclusive introduction of his much awaited, newly selected line of ground covering foam flowers.

Dunvegan Nursery, established 1989, was owned and operated by Sinclair and Kirsten Adam until 2010 when they joined forces with Vermont Organics Reclamation and and moved the operation to Vermont. Sinclair has 30 years experience in horticulture, and herbaceous plants, and has taught at The University of Vermont, Brandywine Conservancy, The Brandywine Valley Association, Longwood Gardens, The Barnes Foundation, and Temple University.

Sinclair has presented a number of topics in horticulture at ASHS, IPPS, PPA, The New England Greenhouse Conference, US National Arboretum, and other venues, and he holds Degrees in Plant Science from U. of Wyoming, & U. of Vermont. Kirsten has 20 years of experience in horticulture, a BA in Art History from U. of VT, and a reputation for her skillful and efficient propagation techniques, and resulting crop quality.

Sinclair’s passion for breeding with native plants is known throughout the industry by such innovative introductions as Tiarella ‘Erika Leigh’, ‘Laird of Skye’, ‘Brandywine’ and ‘Oakleaf’. His latest introduction, Phlox paniculata ‘Shortwood’ honors our very own perennial “Doctor Ruth”, Stephanie Cohen and is positioned to be one of the most disease resistant pink summer phlox selections ever introduced. Sinclair’s love of plants and eye for distinctive selections affords him the ability to select superior plants that have been TESTED, VERIFIED and are TRUE to their descriptions.

Sinclair’s Introductions include:

Tiarella ‘Octoraro’

Tiarella ‘Susquehanna’

Tiarella ‘Delaware’

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