Richard Davis

Richard Davis, plant breeder, ivy farm, nandina lemon-lime, plants nouveau, new plantsWe are so happy to be representing our plant-loving friend Richard Davis, who selected our wildly popular Nandina ‘Lemon-Lime’.

Richard is a long time plant geek and the founder of The Ivy Farm in Locustville, Virginia.

The Ivy Farm is a wholesale nursery producing a wide variety of plant material, servicing the Mid-Atlantic area for the past 22 years.  Richard is a  self-proclaimed plant geek from birth.

Some of his first memories of working with plants are from childhood, where he was taught by his father to make drain holes in one gallon, metal vegetable cans for planting Buxus (boxwood) liners that he and his father had transplanted out of homemade sand rooting beds where the cuttings were stuck the previous year.nandina lemon-lime, nandina, plants nouveau, new plants

Although he played many sports, his true love was going to his grandmother’s garden.  It was in Grandma’s garden and with the teachings of some very significant people, teachers, and professors, that a true plantsman was born.  When the late, amazingly great plantsman, and North Carolina State University horticulture professor J.C. Raulston, saw Richard coming his way with an arm full of various blooming ivies (Hedera sp.) as well as an unbridled desire to learn, he applauded Richard’s enthusiasm, which magnified his passion to learn even more.

Richard graduated from NC State with a BS In Ornamental Horticulture, Magna Cum Laude, in 1989.  He was then able to work at a local wholesale nursery in North Carolina and gain even more experience and a better feel for how the nursery industry really worked.  He started The Ivy Farm, which was also his nursery management project in Raulston’s class, from a piece of land formerly a large patch of woods and a whplnt breeder, richard davis, plants nouveau, new plants, nandina lemon-limeeat field.  Now the Ivy Farm is a 50 acre production nursery with 45 employees.

Richard has always had an “eye” for finding better, ornamental plants.  He has many new plant introductions on the market.  He worked with Terra Nova Nurseries on the introduction of his “Punch Series” of Coreopsis. He has also introducied Sedum ‘Neon’,  Buddleia ‘Stellar Pink’ and Lantana ‘Cherry Smash’ and ‘Grandma’s Hardy’.  He found and initially propagated our  Nandina ‘Lemon-Lime’, which is destined to be a smash hit all over the world.

We are happy to call Richard a colleague, fellow plant geek, and a friend. We know he will always be in the dirt, playing with and looking for new, exciting plants!

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