Peter Kolster and the Kolster, B.V. team

We are so happy to be the US & Canadian Agent for  Peter Kolster, Owner of Kolster, B.V.

The Kolster company was founded in 1944 in Boskoop, Holland during the 2nd world war by Peter’s grandfather. He sold shrubs for landscaping. He was a poor man, with 9 children-3 of whom worked as unpaid help in the nursery. As you can imagine, there was little to sell during the war. Travel was done on bicycle and deliveries made by cycle carrier. Grandfather died unexpectedly in 1952 at the age of 56, the year Peter was born. Peter’s father and uncle made a success of the business, growing it much larger over time.

By the age of 18, due to unexpected family circumstances, Peter’s uncle left the business, so Peter stepped in. He loved the propagation of plants and was happy to manage the day to day responsibilities while his father travelled to sell his nursery stock.

In the early 90’s mixed bouquets became popular all over the world.  Young Peter recognized some of the berries and decorative leaves in the bouquets as the precise plants his father sold to the landscape trade. He saw huge possibilities in the flower industry and began researching and trialing shrubs of all kinds to be used for cut flowers.Peter has always managed to stay 10 steps ahead of the competition. He started breeding first for cuts, and then in 2000 for pot crops.

The breeding started small, with Peter doing most of the crosses and selecting. Today Kolster has 2 full time breeders on staff, and collaborates with several small companies who are also breeding for them. Their plants are being licensed and sold in 80 countries, all over the world. Peter himself doesn’t make the crosses anymore, he is the “idea man” – offering technical support and setting up new relationships around the world.

Peter now travels 1/3 of the year to visit clients and agents, but still loves to be involved on the breeding side.  Under his watch, the business has grown, but still remains a family-owned business.

Aside from Peter and his wife Tiny, Kolster, B.V. is now owned by his 2 sons Robert-Jan and Martin, his brother-in-law Arno, and one former employee, Wouter den Hollander.