Brian Williams

A Magician of Tropical Plants

Brian’s love of all things tropical started with some turtles and a large backyard. Brian comes from a long line of plants men, who specialize in everything from palms to cactus. When Brian was a boy his dad transformed their backyard into a palm oasis – and this oasis took a LOT of water, so Brian wasn’t too fond of the plants because as a kid it was his job to keep the oasis watered.

Brian was not interested in plants , but he was interested in his pet turtles. Brian wanted to make a natural habitat for his turtles so he built them a pond. After the pond was completed there was something missing. Plants! Brian decided then that he wanted to make his pond look prehistoric for his turtles.

So…that’s how he became interested in aquatic and carnivorous plants.

There was one plant that started Brian’s addiction – Cyrtsperma johnstoneii. Brian was on a family vacation to Florida when his dad decided to stop at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. There he encountered the 7 foot tall Cyrtsperma johnstoneii. He was amazed by its striped thorny steams and pink veins. It took Brian 3 years of endless searching to obtain one plant. While on his quest for C. johnstoneii Brian discovered other odd plants that peaked his interest. These plants all belonged to the aroid family.

His quest for one plant turned in to a collection of aroids.

After years of collecting plant Brian decided that he wanted to share his collection with others. That’s when he started Brian’s Botanical out of one of his father’s greenhouses. He had a bucket list of plants that he wanted to obtain like any good collector. After collecting the last plant on the list it seemed like the hunt was over. That was until Brian had a life changing conversation with his mentors Julius Boos and John Banta. They talked about hybrids.

His imagination immediately went into overdrive with endless possibilities for breeding combinations. His excitement for breeding compounded each day as he discovered new pollen or saw a new flower bloom.

Brian Williams started his journey as a young kid looking for plants for his turtles but has turned his passion into breeding plants and building an impressive collection of aroids. This passion is the backbone of his business and influences every decision he makes.