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Combining superior genetics and breeding know-how, the breeding team at AB-Cultivars has developed unique, improved selections of quick-turn perennials. Their selections  rival and complement today’s most popular perennial lines.  We are very excited to be working with them on the introduction of the Cone-fections™ and Butterfly™ series of Echinacea, some Campanulas, Heleniums  and other perennials that are coming in the very near future.

AB-Cultivars is owned by Henk Holtmaat.  Henk has employed a team of passionate, super-focused breeders, but Henk is the brains behind the operations.  Henk was a math teacher, so the numbers oftenIMG_5298 flow so quickly out of his mind – your eyes will spin.  He’s built amazing relationships with tissue culture labs all over the world and he handles the worldwide distribution of the plantlets to our licensed growers.

A little more on their world famous echinacea breeding lines:


The Butterfly ™ Series:

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These improved single flowered selections have amazingly saturated bloom colors on small statured plants that are truly garden hardy in most of the US. Bred or their size and amount of blooms, the Butterfly series was named because in the breeding fields in the Netherlands, hundreds of butterflies visit each and every plant. It’s hard to take pictures for all of the butterflies! These are the perfect retail end cap perennial because they look terrific in a one gallon pot and with the number of blooms and the intense colors, they will fly off the shelves and into people’s gardens. Each plant in this series will finish and be in full bloom in less than one year. We know you will be super satisfied with their performance and the fact that they will return year after year, pleasing everyone.

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The Cone-fections ™ series:Cone-fections logo

These fully double, incredibly floriferous, sturdy, winter hardy selections are so beautiful, you’ll want to eat them. These plants contain superior genes from long lived parent plants. Many selections have lived for seven years plus in our trial gardens and they continue to grow and bloom year after year after year. Strong stems, many fully double blooms, and saturated colors are their trademark.


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