About Us

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Who is Plants Nouveau and what do we do?

Plants Nouveau is a new plant introduction and marketing company. We don’t sell the plants on our website. We help plant breeders bring their plants to market by helping them through the introduction process.

Plants Nouveau was founded and now run by women.  Two hip and trendy, plant loving women who totally adore plants and garden a lot. We’re not talking about “weekend warriors”, we’re talking about intense gardens and whenever they can be outside, away from their desks, their hands are quite dirty. Co-owners Angela Treadwell-Palmer and Linda Guy work directly with the plant breeders to select plants that are perfect for the consumers in their market.  Every breeder and grower they work with is treated like family and that’s how they run their business.  It’s all personal and the personal relationships are what haveLinda_guy, Arie_Blom, plantsnouveau, new plants, breeding plants built Plants Nouveau to the well-respected company it is today.

You might have some questions – like:

What is new plant introduction?

At Plants Nouveau, we think of ourselves as architects for better gardens, better minds and a better world. We introduce fantastic NEW plants from around the world that help people get out and play in their gardens. Our plants are bred to make gardening more colorful, less complicated and much more enjoyable.

Plants Nouveau’s creative and intellectual resources give world-wide recognition to great new plants that solve the needs of today’s consumer. Each new plant is evaluated in multiple, trusted sites to ensure success.  Once deemed worthy, our plants are grown by premier growers around the globe.

So, what DOES thclematis, ton hannink, plants nouveau, new plantsat mean? How does it all work?
We find the plants – or the plants find us
We bring the plants to our growers
We do extensive trials and evaluations all over North American and beyond
We patent the plant to protect the inventor – just like any other invention
We use memorable, meaningful names to enhance marketing efforts
We develop creative marketing materials that speak to both growers and gardeners.
We engage consumers to create demand
We talk about the plants – A Lot- online & everywhere we go.

Why DON’T you sell plants?
It’s our job to select and market the new plants to the growers.  We leave the selling to those who do it best. We license talented, capable growers who grow our plants and then sell them to consumers both online & in garden centers around the world. We will do our best to help you find a source for our plants.  Our goal is for everyone to have access and every gardener to benefit from the hard work we do to select plants that are just right for today’s consumers.

I might have a new plant – what should I do?  How does it all work?

Here’s some useful information on what you should do and how the process works.