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You say you want a Revolution…

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The Weeding Gnome

Plants Nouveau News for March, 2017

Dear friend,
Thank you for subscribing to the monthly newsletter for Plants Nouveau written by me, Angela Treadwell-Palmer, Founder and Co-Owner of Plants Nouveau. This revitalized e-newsletter will entertain and educate you about what’s been happening, new trends, new products, rants, raves and all of my favorite horticultural happenings throughout the year. Whether it’s a travel log of me romping through fields evaluating plants with breeders, or a video diary of the latest European and worldwide plant, gardening and marketing trends, you’ll surely be entertained. I promise to keep my whits about me, even as I rant and explore the latest trends aimed at getting people who know absolutely nothing about plants to buy them.

That’s a really hard thing to do sometimes (keep my whits about me…).

It’s been a while since I’ve written, and that’s totally my bad. You see, we’ve been growing this business at such an alarming rate, and wrapping plants from here and there around the world, that it’s been hard to make the time. I know many of you have asked where the Weeding Gnome is, and lots of you want to hear all about what’s going on in my (and Linda Guy, my business partner’s) world(s). I promise to write at least once a month and maybe more, if something pops into my head.

Pass it along please! If you like what you read and you’d like to help me change the way the world thinks about plants and horticulture, then pass this newsletter along to your friends and colleagues to spread the love.

I’d really appreciate it.

My passions these days are (in this order), my new 20′ greenhouse (if the heater ever gets hooked up), my trial garden (if the winter snow ever does melt), taking pictures (of everything), being the best lacrosse coach I can be (yes, I coach lacrosse and I love it…I was a pretty good player my self way back when), Monty Don, our newest rescue dog (who would follow me to the end of the world), and of course new, exciting plants. I’m talking plants so exciting and so gorgeous you can’t possibly pass them by. These babies will fly off the shelves and make the people who take them home so happy. Like adopting a puppy. They may not know why these plants make them happy, but I do, and we will be talking a lot about why people need plants.

Because they do.

I spend my days trying to get more people interested in plants and thinking of clever marketing ways to show the people who sell plants how to get more people to buy plants, by writing copy for tags, catalogs, ads and our website. It’s our job as marketers of plants to educate consumers and help them realize they can’t live without plants, that their souls depend on it.

If you missed our 2017 Catalog Supplement, here’s a link to read all about the new introductions we have coming to market this year. Click on this link and let Calgon take you away to a world of new plants. https://issuu.com/angelatreadwell-palmer/docs/supplementmagazine0616

If you live in the dark, snowy north like me, plant catalogs help keep the winter blues away. Enjoy!

Thanks again for reading and watch for future issues of The Weeding Gnome, delivered right to your email inbox, real soon.

Take care, be well and Happy Weeding,






everlasting revolution, hydrangea revolution, plants nouveau, gift plants, pink hydrangeaP.S. Speaking of plants we can’t live without, I’d like to talk about the most amazing little hydrangea I’ve ever seen or grown.
Hydrangea Everlasting Revolution from our breeding partners at Kolster, B.V. in the Netherlands truly is just that – a revolution.

And as the Beatles song goes;

You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
You tell me that it’s evolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world

everlasting revolution, hydrangea revolution, plants nouveau, gift plants, pink hydrangea, blue hydrangeaAnd dang it – we really do want to change the world! We want everyone to have this perfect little plant in a lovely pot on their patio to enjoy month after month – for 150 days of flowers. Trust me, I had one in full bloom on my porch from late June to late October, and it was absolutely fabulous. That hydrangea in that ochre colored pot saw many after gardening libations consumed. It just kept blooming and blooming and the blooms that fully opened turned from pink to pale pink to deep maroon and stayed that way until we had a real hard frost in November, then I brought the plant into the greenhouse for the winter – in that same pot.  It’s now leafed out and starting to bud up for this year’s patio display, as I write. That’s Monty Don pictured in the bottom photo next to our Revolution last summer – on the porch of course, sitting in his favorite blue chair.

IMG_4750If you have not tried one of these – please do and let us know what you think.







MAGIC1517-Kamerplanten zegel Goud FC 1This perfect selection blooms for 150 days when sold as a gift plant.

150 days of color.

150 days of happiness.

150 days of beautiful flowers in a pot on your patio or porch for the entire summer season.

Who could ask for more?



What else are we excited about? BrunneraAngie&Leaf

To grow these false forget-me-nots (Brunnera macrphylla) is to love them. These are not walk-into-the-garden-center-and-identify-as-immediately-sexy-selections plants, but they are grow-them-in-your-garden-and-be-wowed-by-them plants. In most parts of the world, where summers are hot and humid, brunneras fade in the summer heat. They completely melt and go away for the summer.brunnera silver heart, plants nouveau

Silver Heart and Sea Heart emerge super early with leaves as thick and scratchy as an emory board, then they flower, and when I say flower – these guys flower their little heads off. Clouds of the cutest cornflower blue blooms completely cover the plant for about a month in mid spring. Once the flowers fade, the leaves start to grow bigger and bigger and bigger, until they are truly as big as your head. That’s me, pictured above, holding a leaf of Silver Heart last August.

It may in fact be larger than my head…

Not only do these new selections last until a frost, but their leaves are very resistant to foliar nematodes and ozone damage from pollution. We believe they are so resistant because the leaves are so thick and hairy. Whatever the reason, we’ll take it, right? No one likes to see brunnera leaves with black squares on them all summer.

In closing – try these. I guarantee you will fall in love with their magical powers to last all summer and light up any path at dusk. These are the perfect border plant to put along the path where you take your evening stroll. Brunnera Sea Heart with kiringeshoma

For more information on Brunnera ‘Sea Heart’ click HERE.

For more information on Brunnera ‘Silver Heart’ click HERE.

For information on growing or finding liners of these great perennials, email me at angela@plantsnouveau.com

If you’d like to know where to find liners or finished plants or Hydrangea Everlasting Revolution, email Linda Guy at lguy@plantsnouveau.com

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