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Their Memories Are Amazing!

Welcome to The Weeding Gnome
By: Angela Treadwell-Palmer & Plants Nouveau

— April 3, 2015 —   IMG_8578

Their Memories are Amazing!

Ella, my 8 year-old daughter had a spa party sleep over with 5 of her friends last Friday night. They were up until 3:30am! I think they all had a great time. They were a little droopy eyed when they went home with their parents.

I noticed a few things watching this group of energetic girls flounce around my house. Keegan, her 12-year old brother volunteered to help me and be the party DJ. He played today’s pop music. They knew every word to every song he played and sang them all with hands on hips like they were backups in a Taylor Swift concert.

I didn’t grow up with pop music. My dad only listened to a few people. My brother and I hated it, but it was what it was.  Pop music was not part of our culture. Jimmy Buffett, James Taylor and Van Morrison were though. When I got to college, I didn’t know much about pop music, so I was kind of out of the loop. Remember those cassette tape and then CD of the month clubs you could join in the late 80’s/90’s? I joined them all. I wanted to have the music everyone else knew because I felt uncool.

I soon found out Jimmy Buffett was way cool and so was I because I knew every word to every dang song he sang – thanks to my dad. Kids would be like, “ How do you know all the words to these songs?”  and I’d be like, “ It’s all I ever heard growing up.  It’s all my dad played.” Kids thought my dad was cool. He was, but I was severely pop deprived.

Not like today’s kids.

Imagine first and second graders singing phrases like this from the most recent Bruno Mars hit, Uptown Funk;

“Stop, wait a minute. Fill my cup, put some liquor in it”

Or this line from I’m So Fancy by Charlie XCX:

“Trash the hotel. Let’s get drunk on the mini bar”

Really makes you feel proud when you’re driving around with a few 8 year olds in the backseat and they belt out these lines. Do they have any idea what they are singing?

Let’s hope the answer is No.

I don’t remember songs having such nasty, inappropriate lyrics when I was growing up.  Songs were nice.  Maybe that’s because I was pop deprived, but I’m thinking times have changed. Although my brother and I did find it super cool to sing Damn, That Traffic Jamby James Taylor.  We would giggle every time. Today, just about every stinking song is about sex, drugs and drinking. Even sappy country hits.

What hasn’t changed?

The fact that a child’s ability to memorize or remember things is amazing.

So why aren’t we capitalizing on this each and every day in schools, in garden center displays and in marketing plants to consumers?

We are trying, but we are not doing a great job. The produce industry is rocking though.  How many kids now call every clementine they see a Cuties™?  Sorry Halo™, you tried, but you were a couple months too late.

They ARE still just clementines people, right?

I worked from the car dealership yesterday while waiting for my Mini Cooper to be serviced. They have a great snack bar there. There’s even fruit. I thought it was so interesting when one of the sales guys walked up to the box of clementines clearly marked Darling Clementines – another brand – and he said, “ A cutie!”

Marketing at it’s finest. Way to go produce marketers. You’ve made Cuties the next Kleenex™.

Here’s my question – what can we come up with to market plants or gardening that every 8 year old will remember and repeat?

Food for thought.

The person or company that gets it right will change history and make gardening as popular as pop music.

A girl can dream, right?

Got any brilliant ideas, email me!

What’s new with Plants Nouveau?

We launched our totally new, very beautiful website this week. Check it out.

We will be adding and updating it regularly. Check back often to see what’s going on. Featured plants, Featured breeders, Travel highlights and always – lots of pictures and plenty of information about each plant we introduce.

If you love it or hate it – let me know. We’d love some constructive feedback because as I’ve learned from many, a website is never finished.  It’s like a garden, you add and rearrange it all the time and you never, ever stop.  When you stop – it dies.

A huge shout out to my former roommate and fellow University of Delaware grad, Hendrik-Jan Franke and his amazing team at Bright Orange Thread in Wilmington, Delaware. They did a fantastic job of bringing my wildest dreams to life in a website that is easy to use and so easily changed, that we will be set for years.

If you need a new website, I highly

In other news, I still have 1 foot of snow in the back yard. It’s so depressing that I went out to a local garden center and bought $103 worth of forced bulbs. A girl has to do what a girl has to do – and my last amaryllis bloomed this week. I was desperate.

Happy Spring and Happy Easter to all who celebrate and of course…

Happy Weeding!


Angela Treadwell-Palmer
Founder and Co-owner, Strategic plant finder, In Charge of Magic
Plants Nouveau, LLC.

Angela’s Garden Notes
Syringa vulgaris ‘Elsdancer’
Tiny Dancer

With spring quickly approaching in most areas of the country, I long for the scent of lilacs. Do you have a smaller garden , but still long for the scent and blooms of a traditional lilac?Growing only 4′ tall at maturity, Tiny Dancer rarely needs pruning. Found by our good friend and horticultural master, John Elsley, Tiny Dancer is the perfect lilac for smaller gardens.

In the fragrance of Tiny Dancer past meets future with a memorable scent. Too long considered a leggy plant for old-fashioned gardens, this lilac has a compact form, making it ideal anywhere hard-working, low maintenance plants are needed.

In addition to the cold-hardiness expected from a lilac, Tiny Dancer boasts remarkable heat tolerance, growing and blooming where few lilacs have gone before.

Even in Zone 8, violet-purple buds open into lavender flowers, ranking it among the dogwoods and azaleas as a benchmark of spring. Large panicles measure 4 to 5 inches, and the large florets make each cluster appear luxuriously full. Foliage and flowers are in perfect scale, one complementing the other. Re-blooming lilacs just don’t put on the spring show our Tiny Dancer does. The fragrance will knock your socks off. Try it and let us know how you like it.

Want to learn more about Tiny Dancer, use this link.

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  • Reply Jane Gloom June 17, 2015 at 11:47 pm

    I haven’t seen cuties in the store lately, and I have been looking. I saw something similar under another name brand that taste and peel the same though. Has something happened to the cuties brand?

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