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November 25, 2014

The Weeding Gnome

Each November, I like to reflect back on the year, the seasons, the garden and all who have touched my soul. In this week’s Weeding Gnome I Give Thanks.

Dear Reader,
I am thankful for:

My children – who are troopers and deal with unexpected stops along the way during every road trip to forage or identify plants and check out new garden centers.

Finally meeting new friends like Jeavanna Chapman in person – after chatting for years on Social Media. Nothing beats meeting people in person.

My travels. Since I work from home – travel is so important for me. I get to see old friends and new and see what’s going on in the world – literally.

My husband Drew, who has become the best hole digger and sod remover this side of the Mason Dixon line. Without him, we’d be paying for lots of labor in the trail garden. He admittedly enjoys sitting on the deck after gardening and looking out at his hard work. He prefers to do this while tasting one of my Plants Nouveau gardening cocktail creations.

My business partner Linda because she’s the yin to my yang and we make a really good team.

People who walk past my garden and ask about the plants and if they can have a piece. They are the reason I do what I do and passing the information along is what gardening is all about.  I’ve had more people stop this year than ever before. Maybe that’s a good sign that gardening is becoming more popular – or at least that they are curious.

Our breeders, for without them, we would have no company and no plants.  I am very grateful for their trust, their humor and their loyalty.

Our licensed growers.  If they didn’t believe in what we do, we would not be here and no plant would ever make it into a consumer’s hand.

The birds who frequent the feeders outside my office window – for without them, it would be a very lonely, colorless winter.

My trial garden, because living with the plants is the best way to get to know them.

Cloth napkins & Garden Gnomes – because they are fun to collect, they define me and have become a part of everyday life in my family.

And finally you.  You listen to me.  You inspire me.  You feed my mind and for that – I am truly thankful.

Ella, my seven year old, modeling a vintage hydrangea at Terrain @ Styers in PA.
My Twitter friend, Jeavonna and I meeting for the first time – in real life!
Selfie with breeder Henk Holtmaat of AB-Cultivars in the Netherlands in May.
Good industry friends, Like Mark Highland of Organic Mechanics and fine growers like Pioneer Gardens make life a lot easier.
I wish for you a peaceful Thanksgiving, good times, great health, and most of all…Happy Weeding! 


Angela Treadwell-Palmer
Founder and Co-owner, Strategic plant finder,
In Charge of Magic
Plants Nouveau, LLC.

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