My New Job & Lemon-Lime Wins Gold (News)

Welcome to The Weeding Gnome
By: Angela Treadwell-Palmer & Plants Nouveau

— October 16, 2014 —

My New Job & Lemon-Lime Takes the Gold!

SergioDear Reader,

No gnome picture this week because Sergio, my rusty metal chicken, requested a prominent spot. He told me he is tired of being rusty and he demanded a new paint job.

Okay rusty chicken who decorates my garden, I’ll paint you. But…you all know how I struggle with choosing paint colors, so we know this will NOT be an easy decision. Sergio is currently painted in primary colors, green, red, blue and yellow. Those were fun, but we should mix it up a little, don’t you think?

thema-logo.rightHave any ideas for at least 4 colors?

I would prefer they don’t include pink or purple, but I’ll try to keep an open mind. If I choose your combo, you’ll get a present from me. Something really special.

So, where else did I venture to this summer?

Plantarium. Not the Plantetarium where every school kid goes for their fourth grade field trip, but PLANTarium, the largest new plant introduction trade show in The Netherlands. It’s where all the cool plants get introduced. It is a surprisingly small show, but it attracts 17,000 visitors.Nandina Lemon-Lime, Plantarium, Gold Medal, Plants Nouveau

That’s more visitors than our largest plant-focused trade show in the US.

Let’s just say it is a concentration of super trendy ideas, awesome new plants and new ways to present new plants – all tied up in a small package under a few greenhouse roofs. While we were there visiting the show, three of our plants won major awards. Yes, we rock it when it comes to choosing new plants. That’s right…

We rock!

Gold Medal went to Nandina ‘Lemon-Lime’ from one of our plant geek friends, Richard Davis in Virginia.helenium, mariachi siesta, plants nouveau, plantarium
Silver Medal went to Helenium Mariachi™’Siesta’ from AB-Cultivars.

And – as if that wasn’t enough for AB-Cultivars

Bronze Medal went to Helenium Mariachi™’Fuego’ as well.

Want to see more award winners? You can see all of the new plants that won awards here.

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